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Monday, March 12, 2012

Lady Bug 1st Birthday Party

For my daughter, Alex's 1st birthday I decided to decorate it with a lady bug theme. using mainly paper products and a few purchases I created a cute theme on a small budget.

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1.Using black and red poster board I traced a large cirlce using a round stool for the base of the body I then used a tupperware lid to draw another small circle for the head. I then cut out the black shape, leaving them attached.

2. Free hand the wings, making one stencil and trace it over and over. to create multiple wings

3.I used the cricut maching to cut out the black dots. If you dont have a cricut you can purchase a hole punch in the scrapbooking section of any art/craft supply store.

More of the paper dots were just taped down to a red paper table cloth. place mats were purchased from a party supply store.

Lady bug cake pops were made by a local baker and made an adorable centerpiece. I had just enough for the kids. Check out Sherry's site here

I purchased this banner on etsy from sweetheart party shop for $35.00. It was made using the Cricut machine. (I know, I know I have a cricut but didnt ahve the time or energy to make it myself!) She did a beautiful job!

I purchased the polka dot balloons from a local party store. If you cant find them just use a cirlce stencil to color them on with a black sharpie. I also did this on red plastic solo cups.

My friend made the  Smash Cake using a circle dish for the body, a hostess cupcake for the head and mini oreos fo the spots.

I purched a sheet cake with green on the bottom to act as grass. I also had them do the writing. My friend created another ladybug like the smash cake to put ontop. Using another hostess cup cake as the body, we created a mini bug by adding a head with a mini oreo.

Bolloons purchased at local party store

After cake all the kids ran outside to search for lady bugs! you heard me right, REAL LIVE LADY BUGS! they were super cheap and I ordered them on line. (Thanks mom for lettinh me release 1,000 into your back yard!) Purchase ladybugs here. I released them an hour before the party started to give them time to spread out.

though the baby wasnt into going outside in the rain, my 3 year old riley was all about it. she caught 6 lady bugs and kept them in the caintaners I made. I founf clear containers with red lids at marcs. They were $.99 for three. I then added more polka dots and poked holes into the tops.

finish off your party by dressing your family in red and black. It makes for an adorable scrapbook page later!

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