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Monday, March 12, 2012

Let them get MESSY!

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Sometimes we may find ourselves tring to steer our kids toward the clean activities. A board game, dolls, video game etc are much easier to clean up than art supplies, sand, water and play dough. well I am here to encourage you to LET THEM GET MESSY!

Whenever I call up a friend for an unexpected visit the response I usually get is "you can stop by but the house is a mess" my response to that is "Good, it means you are letting your kids play in it!" (plus ill feel more at home, lol)

Being an art teacher my house is the place all the kids come to to create art! My medium of choice for little ones is paint. I always have the paper and brushes ready with lots of tempera and watercolor paint. Here are some pictures of my kids and their friends getting messy!

Riley, 3 yrs old. Painting with Daddy

Riley and Sophia both 2 yrs. Yes their painting in the living room. Shortly after this we layed down a plastic mat

Alex 16 months old

Riley 3 yrs old. This is what happens when you leave your 3 years old alone with paint for five minutes while you change the babies diaper. She had it everywhere! Nothing a wet rag couldnt clean up :.)

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