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Friday, September 20, 2013


Since the girls came along, almost 5 years ago, I have set my passion to create aside. I have turned to crafty things such as scrapbooking to keep me satisfied but overall something has been missing inside me. I dove into my studio classes at Youngstown State University where I was finishing up my masters degree. I finally found my outlet and had my first show this past summer. The title of my show was reflections...
Reflections “Anything that you have, you can lose; anything you are attached to, you can be separated from; anything you love can be taken away from you. Yet, if you really have nothing to lose, you have nothing” Dr. Richard Kalish Loss is a universal experience; it can manifest itself in small intimate ways or on a global scale. Loss can be an opening for growth and renewal or it can have a shattering life altering effect. The occurrence of losing something can have a devastating influence, given the chance that you may never get what was lost back. We all have experienced loss on one level or another and have felt its impact. Through my show, Reflections, I share my memories and emotions of my personal loss, and its impact on me. However, all art is interpretative, and my work is open to numerous interpretations by all who view and spend time with it. I hope to raise questions that relate to all of us and evoke a myriad of feelings in those who view it.

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