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Monday, March 26, 2012

Rainbow Bath

Ive seen this done in a couple different ways and finally gave it a try. The girls had a blast watching and helping make the bath time rainbow. Want to make one for your little ones? Heres how...

Purchase liquid watercolors from your local art store. I had some in my classroom already but purchased some at Hobby Lobby as well. They were in the clearance section for less than a dollar!

Using cheap bubble bath, fill up the tub with bubbles. I used over half of this bottle on one bath!

Pour some of the liquid watercolor into a spray bottle and spray on your design.

We made a rainbow but you can do anything. Color the water blue and lay out toy pirates, mermaids and a ship. Make the water pink and lay out a princess crown and jewelry for a princess bath. With the rainbow you can fill the bottom with beaded necklaces and gold coins for them to search for!

My girls had a blast with this

The liquid watercolors will stain your clothes and skin if not diluted. Once you spray it into the water its diluted enough not to stain their skin or the tub. At least it didnt for us. Have fun!

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  1. gonna have to try this one! Hannah can now "swim" in her paint! :)